lamabo ceramics

Proudly Handmade Ceramics

Why ceramics

At our studio  actual production process meets long-standing love for sculpture and design. We were able to combine both in the form of functional ceramics. Thanks to our commitment, passion, hard work and creativity any product leaving our studio is beautiful and functional.

How do
we work

Due to the fact that the entire work, from inception to creation, is done at our shop, we are able to control carefully the whole process. In order for the product to leave the door of our studio, it has to go through five stages of manufacturing process. We use only traditional techniques; modeling, drying, the first firing, glazing, to final firing at temperatures above 1000 ° C. It takes about 10 days for the product to be complete and  ready to make it out the door of our shop.

and quality

Every product that comes out of our shop  is not only supposed to be functional , it is also meant to add to your home feeling of warmth and cosiness. We work only with tested high quality food contact materials that are approved for the safety of every day use. We also take pride in out packaging. We make sure its  aesthetic and durable enough to get our product sound and safe right to your door. Quality and the beauty of our ceramics are appreciated all over the World, we have customers in Europe, USA and Australia, as well as in the Near East.


Our designs are meant to bring together funny and unusual with traditional and practical. We create our products according to the most contemporary industry trends. 


We want our designs not only to be simple and aesthetically appealing, but perhaps most importantly, we want them to bring smile on your face! Who said that a flowerpot cant have legs and a nose or that little green bears cant be climbing up your coffee mug.

Our customers

Here at LAMBAO we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is our mission.  We are here to personally answer all of your inquiries and discuss any custom project that would meet your needs and expectations. We are open to your suggestions and ideas . We highly value the value the trust you put in our work.